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About a year and a half ago we released our first DVD, ‘Wolume 1, a 120 min train-action dvd with focus on Stockholm based WOL crew.

This year we have been putting in a lot of work to overshine that release. In September we will release of the sequel ‘Wolume 2 in memory of our brother Asoc.

This time we thought that instead of making a regular 2 min trailer with random clips from the upcoming film we decided to give a little extra and made a 10 minute ‘pre-episode’ of the clips that we didnt manage to squeeze into the upcoming DVD.

More info on the releasedate and release party will be out shortly.

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Beautiful idea!

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Scrap can session,fall of 2012 I believe.
Peber, 1 month of no painting. To the right is my crewmate Geds.
Color block 3D’s
My boy!


Urban outfitters is ripping me off with the help of a party named ‘Bambam’. This is taken from my original work tryypyzoyd. I’m furious. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP.

I will respond in the post to any inquiries: I emailed them and I’m waiting to hear back.

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Bad form indeed

Pebep(r) along the motor way. Pretty quick little saturday test of concept. Fucked the first P